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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a course using schedule builder?

Obtain the CRN from the department offering the course, and then enroll using Schedule Builder. Students without existing enrollment by the 10th day of instruction will not be able to register for courses; see Late Schedule Adjustments.

What isschedule builder and how to use it?

Schedule Builder is a new class planning and registration tool available in beta version, which you can use instead of SISWeb for spring quarter. It allows you to search for classes and register in one place.

How do I check the status of my UC Davis application?

Check SISWEB for your application status using your Prospective Student UC Davis ID. You can apply for Graduate Studies or check the u0003status of your application. Register for classes using the new Schedule Builder tool!

Why can't I see my @class selections in schedule builder?

Class selections saved in the Class Search Tool do NOT download into Schedule Builder. If you have selected a variable-unit course or course requiring the consent of the instructor for enrollment, you will see the @ symbol instead of the CRN in Schedule Builder and the Class Search Tool.

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