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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zelle a scam?

The alert from the BBB specifically mentions Zelle scams on Facebook Marketplace, but a scammer could use most any peer-to-peer lending app, such as Venmo or CashApp.

Can you use Zelle on Facebook Marketplace?

Zelle can be safely used on Facebook Marketplace, provided you know what the service offers and what it does not. Immediately view the deposits and withdrawals through online banking However, this money transfer system can’t do any of the following: In fact, Zelle doesn’t offer business accounts.

What is a Facebook Marketplace scam?

In a widespread Facebook Marketplace scam, the buyer sends a fraudulent check to the seller for an amount higher than the actual sale price. The scammers typically claim this is an error or the money to cover shipping expenses. After that, they will try to convince the seller to refund this overpayment using Zelle.

How does a buyer pay using Zelle?

A buyer contacts a seller requesting to buy the item and pay using Zelle. If the seller agrees, the buyer asks for the seller’s email address to send the payment. But the buyer does not send payment. Instead, the buyer sends a fake email to the seller that appears to be from Zelle.

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