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Frequently Asked Questions

Is scampi made from prawns or what?

What is Shrimp Scampi? Creamy Shrimp Scampi is a dish made with shrimp (or prawns) in a scampi sauce. A scampi sauce is a garlic butter and wine sauce, so very simple to make. This dish can be served over pasta or even served on its own as a first course for a dinner party.

What is scampi made out of?

What is scampi made out of? In most countries, especially Italy, scampi means the peeled tail of pretty much any kind of prawn but in the UK it refers to the meat of just one special prawn: the langoustine. Langoustine is a small lobster found in the colder waters of Scotland, Ireland and Norway.

What kind of fish is scampi?

What kind of fish is scampi? Scampi or Dublin Bay Prawns are fished in the North Sea (North-East Atlantic) (FAO 27) often by trawls or creel and less often in smaller lobster pots. These small lobsters will usually be in waters between 20 and 800 m deep. They live in burrows 20 – 30cm deep which they make in the seabed.

What does scampi mean?

Though the proper definition for scampi refers to smaller members of the lobster family or prawns, also known as Dublin Bay prawns, Norway lobsters, or langoustines, over time, scampi usually refers to a specific way that shrimp are prepared. That specific formula includes shrimp sautéed with garlic and usually accented with Italian parsley and white wine or lemon juice.

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