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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vegetable scampi?

Vegetable Scampi. Freestyle™ SmartPoints™ New! Scampi is a traditional sauce made of garlic, lemon, white wine, parsley, and usually some butter. Normally it is served with shrimp or chicken and served over pasta. However today we are going to lighten things up by eliminating the butter and adding lots of fresh veggies.

What are the ingredients for shrimp scampi?

Scampi traditionally refers to large shrimp that have been covered in garlic oil or butter and broiled. Here the shrimp are sauteed in a small amount of olive oil and tossed together with shallots, lemon juice, and brandy or sherry.

What is a scampi dish?

"Scampi" by itself, is a dish of Nephrops norvegicus served in garlic butter, dry white wine, and parmesan cheese, either with bread, or over pasta or rice, although sometimes just the shrimp alone. Most variants of the "shrimp scampi" come on pasta.

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