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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scamper technique in lean?

Description: The SCAMPER Technique is a process improvement tool to assist teams in improving existing processes or creating new ones. The SCAMPER technique is an idea generator and should be used in conjunction with the Five S’s Technique5 and the 8 Lean Wastes Checklist.6 This will allow the team to better deliver what the customer desires.

What is the Scamper method in product design?

INTERACTION-DESIGN.ORG SCAMPER The SCAMPER method helps you generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging you to ask seven different types of questions, which will help you understand how you can innovate and improve existing products, services, problems and ideas.

What is scamper brainstorming technique?

Serrat [44] defined the SCAMPER brainstorming technique as a method that uses a set of directed questions to resolve a problem (or meet an opportunity). Because this methodology can turn a tired idea into something new and different similarly to TRIZ, SCAMPER was selected as a partially-structured method because it was already used in Chulvi et al.

How can scamper help you?

When looking for solutions or generating ideas, sometimes the answers to complex questions can be found in substitution, adaptation, or realignment. SCAMPER is a technique that provides a structured approach towards thinking outside the box to explore new concepts, solutions and to enhance learning.

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