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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scamper technique?

The SCAMPER Technique is a very easy method to use. First, you choose an existing product or service. This can be a product that has to be improved or changed or a product that currently has a lot of issues. Even a product that can serve as the basis for another (future) product can be used for this method.

What is the Scamper model of innovation?

The SCAMPER Model is a Tool that helps professionals Redefine existing Products by Rethinking How they are Perceived, Used or Designed. It is a Lateral-Thinking method for Product Innovation. Substitute. Combine. Adapt. Modify. Put to Another Use. Eliminate. Reverse.

What is the creative brainstorming technique scamper?

The creative brainstorming technique SCAMPER can help with that. This method helps people generate ideas for new products and services or come up with ways to improve and/or change things. Asking questions about existing products or services leads to creative solutions.

How can scamper help you?

When looking for solutions or generating ideas, sometimes the answers to complex questions can be found in substitution, adaptation, or realignment. SCAMPER is a technique that provides a structured approach towards thinking outside the box to explore new concepts, solutions and to enhance learning.

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