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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scamper and how to use it?

Here, you’ll learn how to use the method. SCAMPER is surprisingly easy to start using and very efficient in innovation and ideations sessions. SCAMPER refers to a series of thought sparkers or provocations which help you to innovate on an existing product, service or situation by looking through different lenses.

What is a scamper presentation?

SCAMPER is quite well-known as a technique to aid learning and to brainstorm new ideas. Since many teachers and trainers now use PowerPoint presentations, SCAMPER can be incorporated in the form of an interactive presentation session to generate new ideas, find solutions, and assist in outside the box thinking for trainees and students.

What does scampered mean?

scampered; scampering ˈskam-p (ə-)riŋ Verb The kids were scampering around the yard. A mouse scampered across the floor.

What are some examples of adapting using scamper?

These questions are all examples of finding new ways to adapt using SCAMPER. For example, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and extended lockdowns, many small retailers have begun using online platforms to aid the delivery of their products.

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