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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a car tow a scamp trailer?

Almost any car can tow a Scamp trailer, as long as you respect the towing capacity of your vehicle indicated by the manufacturer. Scamp includes standard and luxury 16′ and 19′ travel trailers. The 16-foot travel trailer weighs between 2200 lbs and 2600 lbs Thus, any car that can tow 2200+ lbs, will be able to tow a Scamp trailer.

How do you hook up a scamp trailer?

Hook up your trailer to a 30 amp powersupply at the campground if possible. For a 15 amp connection, use the adaptor. How to replace all interior lights of you trailer home. Your Scamp trailer’s appliances run on LP gas, or electricity. Instructions for replacing or refilling your 20 lb propane tanks.

How much does a scamp trailer cost?

One great feature about Scamp is their trailers are customizable; however, this makes it tough to work out pricing without contacting Scamp directly for a quote. Generally, Scamp campers cost anywhere from around $16,000 for a basic 13 foot model to over $23,000 for a deluxe 19 foot fifth wheel.

Is a scamp a good RV?

Scamps are easier to tow, easier to park, and among the most affordable trailers you can find with all of the amenities that they have. If you are a casual camper or just dipping your toes in RVing, getting a Scamp is an excellent idea. Are there more spacious RVs? FOR SURE!

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