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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YouTube scam?

When a user calls that number, they are directed to what seems to be an overseas call-center. The scammer will then work to convince the user that they are an official YouTube employee who will help troubleshoot through the process.

How do scams work?

In some scams, multiple accounts or people appeared to work together, the research says. A user with a good reputation can introduce one person to another. This accomplice then directs the victim to a scam website. In one instance, Wixey says, a user wanted to buy a fake copy of the NFT-focused game Axie Infinity.

How much do scams cost?

Some people complain about losing as little as $2, while the median scams on each of the sites ranges from $200 to $600, according to the research, which is being presented at the BlackHat Europe security conference. The scams come in multiple forms. Some are simple, others are more sophisticated.

What happened to tech support scams?

A YouTube channel called Tech Support Scams, dedicated to trolling and unmasking scammers, fell victim to a tech support scammer — who convinced creator Jim Browning to delete the entire channel, The Register reports. The irony is palpable.

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