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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sanofi’s new logo mean?

The new brand will encompass both vaccine arm Sanofi Pasteur and specialty care group Sanofi Genzyme. The new logo – Sanofi in black, lower-case letters, bookended with two purple dots – is meant to symbolize the company’s revamped purpose and ambition.

Who is Sanofi?

With roots in a variety of diverse companies, Sanofi is today the combination of many cultures, identities, and brands. Its new brand is rooted in this heritage and brings this diverse history together in a single common identity for the first time.

How will Sanofi's new identity position it for greater impact?

Thinking, acting, and behaving as a single entity under a new shared purpose and identity will position Sanofi to have greater impact by more strategically applying the resources that exist across the company to drive innovations that matter.

What will happen to Sanofi Pasteur and Genzyme?

Current business units Sanofi Pasteur and Sanofi Genzyme, focused on vaccines and specialty care respectively, and all other acquired brands, will be united under the singular Sanofi name and brand. These brands have for years symbolized the impact that innovation can have on people’s lives.

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