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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask a professional reference?

To ease into the conversation, begin with basic questions (e.g., reference’s relation to the candidate, candidate’s title and dates of employment), then move on to more in-depth questions. What if the reference refuses to provide any information? Some agency (or company) policies do not allow the release of a previous employee’s information.

What can you not ask in a reference check?

making the reference check does not ask questions about the individual's leadership style or interpersonal skills. In this situation it is not necessary for you to volunteer this negative information as these skills would not be critical to successfully performing the research specialist job.

What to ask personal references?

PERSONAL REFERENCE QUESTIONS Name of applicant _____ Phone # _____ 1. How long have you known this person? _____ 2. What is your relationship with this applicant? _____ 3. Do you know of any reason we might not want this person to work with people with mental or physical disabilities? _____ If yes, what is that reason? _____ 4.

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