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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ryzen solutions pay?

How much does Ryzen Solutions pay? The average Ryzen Solutions salary ranges from approximately $74,661 per year for a Technical Recruiter to $74,661 per year for a Technical Recruiter. The average Ryzen Solutions hourly pay ranges from approximately $56 per hour for a Systems Administrator to $81 per hour for a Field Validation Engineer.

Should I use Ryzen or Intel?

The Ryzen option is not only better at just about anything but gaming than the Intel option, but it’s more future proof thanks to its additional threads. At the very top end, AMD’s 3900X competes directly with the 9900K/S/F CPUs and it does an admirable job of remaining a close second place to them all in games.

Is Ryzen or Intel better for gaming?

You can consider the Ryzen 3000 series as one of the best gaming processors, but it still cannot beat the Intel core processors. The Intel Core i9 series is considered the best gaming processor because it consists of 16 threads and eight cores. The company guarantees an increased clock speed of at least 5 GHz.

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