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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest news on the Russia-Ukraine war?

The United Nations has confirmed 6,490 civilian deaths and 9,972 injuries in Ukraine since Russia invaded its ex-Soviet neighbor on Feb. 24. The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said the death toll in Ukraine is likely higher, because armed conflict can delay fatality reports.

What are the latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine war?

The efforts of Russian troops to retake the offensive in Kharkiv, where they recently lost more than 8,000 square kilometres (3,088 square miles) of ground, were ineffective. Ukrainian forces say they have now retaken 544 settlements in the region, with just 32 remaining under occupation.

How has the Russia-Ukraine war affected the global economy?

Elsewhere, the United Nations has warned that global food prices are likely to start rising again, due in part to the collapse of the Black Sea Grain Initiative — a deal between Ukraine and Russia that saw vital agricultural exports from Ukraine resume. Power substation destroyed by a Russian missile attack, Kharkiv, north-eastern Ukraine.

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