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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for RPM calculation?

Calculate RPM from horsepower and torque. The formula to calculate Rev. Per Min (RPM) is: RPM = Horsepower * 5252 / torque; With our online Horsepower, Torque & RPM Calculator. Power can be measured in. Horsepower (HP), Watts (W) or. Kilowatts (kW). Torque can be measured in.

How do you calculate the RPM of a 3 phase motor?

RPM = (120 * Frequency) / # of poles in the motor Since the number of poles of a three phase induction motor is established when it is manufactured, the only way to change the speed of the motor is to change the Frequency. For Example: A four pole three phase VFD when operated at 60 Hz will be very close to 1800 RPM (synchronous speed).

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