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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RPG Maker editor tool?

This is a tool for editing RPGMaker save files. It currently supports save files written by RPG Maker MZ (.rmmzsave), but support for other versions of RPGMaker is planned for the future. It uses Node.js for the backend and Electron for the GUI, which means you can interact with it using npm.

How to edit text in RPG Maker MZ?

Select 'SAVE EDITOR' 3. Press RUN-button 4. Rewrite text and numbers in input forms 5. Press EDIT-button & DOWNLOAD-button 1. Input save file (.rmmzsave) in RPG MAKER MZ SAVE EDITOR 2. Select 'JSON EDITOR'

How do I edit RPGs in MV save editor?

RPG Maker MV Save Editor 1 Load index.html into any decent modern browser. (Chrome tested) 2 Click Choose Files and select any rpgsave files 3 Edit any Saves JSON in editors that appear

How to rewrite data of JSON format in RPG Maker MZ?

Rewrite data of JSON format with a text editor (Supported UTF-8 without BOM) 5. Input JSON file (.txt) in RPG MAKER MZ SAVE EDITOR 6. Select ENCODER 7. Press RUN-button & DOWNLOAD-button Please use a special tool for save file of Non-RPG Maker MZ.

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