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What does ROM stand for medically?

ROM: Risk of Mortality: ROM: Rough Order of Magnitude (estimate) ROM: Ring Opening Metathesis: ROM: Rupture Of Membrane: ROM: Recycled Organic Material (agriculture) ROM: Regional Oxidant Model: ROM: Right Otitis Media (infection of the eardrum) ROM: Reasonable Order of Magnitude: ROM: Rate of Maxima

What does "ROM" stand for?

What Does ROM Stand For? ROM (Read-only Memory) Check Latest Price , also known as firmware, is a storage medium that contains permanent non-volatile data. Read-only Memory contains the programming information that lets a computing device regenerate or startup whenever the switch is on.

Does ROM stand for?

ROM stands for – Read-only Memory ROM (permanent storage device) is a chip on the motherboard, which contains programs, data recorded in the manufacture of the computer and used for internal testing of devices after the computer power and the loading of the operating system in RAM.

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