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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind the song "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones?

For some historical perspective, "Brown Sugar" came from a weird place. Jagger recalls having written it in 1969 while he was in Australia shooting Ned Kelly, the decidedly weird story of the infamous bushranger. The production was a troubled one: Jagger's girlfriend OD'd, and accidents kept happening.

Why was the song Brown Sugar originally banned?

This song was dropped from the set list of their "No Filter Tour" when touring started following the ease of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2021. Members of the band said they will no longer perform "Brown Sugar" live because it references black women sold into slavery and whipped.

Who wrote the song Brown Sugar?

Though credited to Jagger–Richards, "Brown Sugar" was primarily the work of Jagger, who wrote it sometime during the filming of Ned Kelly in 1969. [8] According to Marsha Hunt, Jagger's girlfriend and the mother of his first child Karis, he wrote the song with her in mind. [9]

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