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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RMP mean in terms of police and law enforcement?

According to, RMP stands for Radio Motor Patrol Car. The abbreviated term is utilized by police, law enforcement, and the government. The practice of using that acronym started in the 1930s when police cars started having radio receivers installed.

What is the difference between scout car and RMP?

Scout car is the term utilized by those who came on in the sixties and seventies who are still kicking around. It was a term used by the Metropolitan Police until the early eighties. Most now say cruisers. RMP is a distinctly NYPD as is "on the Job." RMP means radio mobile patrol. Interesting info, thanks for the answers y'all.

What is the NYPD RMP?

“The NYPD RMP is iconic,” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said, referencing the department’s so-called radio motor patrol vehicles, at the annual State of the NYPD address at Cipriani’s in Midtown.

What is the difference between RMP and Red Menace?

Red Menace: Unofficial term for members of the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), also known as "Rubbermen", a term of affection and respect for those members. Rip: Loss in pay due to a disciplinary infraction, such as unauthorized moonlighting. RMP: Radio Mobile Patrol, the NYPD blue and white 'sector' car

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