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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RMP mean TikTok comments?

On social media, especially on TIKTOK, RMP usually means "Rate My Professor." The hashtags #rmp and #ratemyprofessor are used to tag comments made by students about their teachers.

What does RMP stand for in guide?

What does RMP stand for? RMP stands for Release Management Process. Advertisement: This definition appears very rarely. See other definitions of RMP. ... Download: Sample: Release Management Process Guide.pdf. Release management process is a demanding operation. The goal of release management is to preserve the integrity and availability of ...

What is RMP in police terms?

The first were statements taken from the two accused soldiers by the Royal Military Police (RMP) in 1972. The judge ruled those unreliable because the soldiers were denied several basic legal rights and safeguards when giving their statements to the RMP, including a formal caution and access to legal representation.

Is RMP a NYPD term?

What is RMP in police terms? It was a term used by the Metropolitan Police until the early eighties. Most now say cruisers. RMP is a distinctly NYPD as is "on the Job." RMP means radio mobile patrol. Actually RMP stands for radio motor patrol. We call them RMPs or radio cars. Click to see full answer.

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