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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a motorcycle permit in California?

A soon-to-be motorcyclist must pass two DMV knowledge exams: a regular DMV permit test taken by all drivers license applicants, and the California motorcycle permit test that will contain questions specific to the license class you are applying for.

Are there any free practice tests for the California motorcycle license exam?

Not only is our motorcycle practice test for California drivers easy to use, it is 100% free to all applicants. Whether it takes you ten or 50 attempts to pass the quiz, you are free to keep returning and working on your score as the real California DMV learner’s permit test draws nearer.

How good is the 2019 California DMV permit test simulator?

Ideally, you should be able to nail both the 2019 California DMV permit test Simulator and the CA motorcycle permit test Simulator with a score of no less than 90% every time you take them. This free motorcycle DMV practice test is based on the 2019 version of the California motorcycle drivers manual.

Can I rent a scooter or motorcycle for the DMV?

We can guide you in the process, come to the DMV with you and Rent our Scooter or Motorcycle for this. Need more time to practice - Rent one of our Motorcycles or Scooters - Our prices are the lowest. In short, everything you want to know and need to know with Motorcycle and Scooter Instruction.

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