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Frequently Asked Questions

What are policies and regulations?

• Regulations are made by the executive branch of the government whereas policies are made by individuals, organizations, and even governments. • Regulations are restrictive in nature and impose sanctions upon people and companies whereas policies are unwritten but help in guiding the organizations to achieve their long term goals.

Does Congress make laws and regulations?

The process of creating and enacting federal regulations is generally referred to as the "rulemaking" process. First, Congress passes a law designed to address a social or economic need or problem. The appropriate regulatory agency then creates regulations necessary to implement the law.

What are regulations designed to do?

Regulations are in place to help companies improve their information security strategy by providing guidelines and best practices based on the company’s industry and type of data they maintain. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in severe fines, or worse, a data breach. Most companies are subject to at least one security regulation.

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