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Frequently Asked Questions

When will we get our refund?

The IRS usually issues tax refunds within three weeks, but some taxpayers could have to wait a while longer to receive their payments. If there are any errors in your tax return, the wait could be lengthy.

When Am I getting my refund?

The IRS says that nine out of 10 refunds are issued within 21 days, with most delays occurring due to missing or incomplete information, forms that may require further review, or possible identity theft or fraud issues. However, there are ways to check to see how much longer you will have to wait to receive your refund from the IRS.

Why did I get a refund?

Why You Get a State and Federal Tax Refund. There are different reasons why taxpayers get refunds, and in other cases owe money to the government. If you work for an employer, you were required to fill out a W-4 form when you were hired. On that form, you indicated the amount of taxes that needed to be withheld from each paycheck.

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