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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a home equity loan and a mortgage refinance?

While home equity loans enable you to take out a second mortgage on your property, cash-out refinances replace your primary mortgage. Instead of obtaining a separate loan, the remaining balance of your primary mortgage is paid off and rolled into a new mortgage that has a new term and interest rate.

What are the risks of refinancing a home equity loan?

Prepayment penalty: Depending on the type of home equity loan and your lender’s policy, you might be subject to a fee if you refinance before a certain time period.

What are the requirements for refinancing a home equity loan?

You can refinance a home equity loan, but you’ll have to meet qualifications first, such as having at least 20% home equity and a credit profile your lender accepts. There is a variety of refinance options available, including a home equity loan modification, a new home equity loan, and mortgage consolidation.

What are the rates for refinancing a home equity loan?

Consider budgeting for up to 6% of the total cost to refinance your home equity loan, although fees will vary from loan to loan. Potential to save money each month: If you can lower your interest rate, you can reduce the amount of money you need to pay. More favorable terms: You might be able to get new terms on your loan.

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