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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a reference group?

Reference groups act as a frame of reference to which people always refer to evaluate their achievements, their role performance, aspirations and ambitions. A reference group can be either from a membership group or non-membership group. An example of a reference group being used would be the determination of affluence.

What is reference group theory?

Concept which posits that any individual's outlook regarding values, attitudes, etc., is shaped by their self-identification with a specific reference group. REFERENCE-GROUP THEORY: "Reference-group theory provides a concept which explains that an individual's identification with a specific reference group shapes their attitudes and values.".

What is a normative reference group?

In terms of the influence of normative and comparative reference groups, a normative group sets the norms and values, whereas a comparative group is there to compare. The comparative group is there for you to compare your progress in life, your achievements in the past or even your possessions to see which one of you comes out on top.

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