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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change reference group in logistic regression analysis?

The -fvset- command can be used to permanently change the reference group (like the -char- command). I want to change reference group doing a logistic regression analysis on highest level of education and future work disability.

How to get rid of XI prefix in Stata?

Morten S Michael N. Mitchell wrote: If you are using Stata 11, you can get rid of the xi: prefix and specify the omitted group like this... which says that -rep78- is an indicator variable, and the baseline (omitted) group is 3.

What is a reference category in R?

A ‘reference’ category is so named and identified as a category of comparison for the other categories. In other words, the other categories are compared to the reference. By default R uses the alpha-numerically first category as the reference category (e.g. “a” with letters, “0” with numbers).

How does R identify categorical variables?

First, we must understand how R identifies categorical variables. The R language identifies categorical variables as ‘factors’ which can be ‘ordered’ or not. Throughout this article we will be dealing with unordered factors (i.e. strictly discrete categorical variables). The categories of a factor are identified as ‘levels’ of the factor.

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