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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reference group in sociology?

The individuals or groups whose behavior is imitated by him are known as reference groups. Such imitation of behavior is found in both the individual and group levels. In Sociology the concept of reference group behavior was given by Hayman.

What are the characteristics of reference group behavior?

The following characteristics of Reference Group Behavior may be pointed out: (1) The individual or group considers the behavior of the other individual or group as ideal behavior and imitates it. (2) The individual or group compares himself or itself with the other individual or group,

Why do we rely on reference groups?

We rely on reference groups to understand social norms, which then shape our values, ideas, behavior, and appearance. This means that we also use them to evaluate the relative worth, desirability, or appropriateness of these things.

What is an example of a formal reference group?

Formal and informal reference groups are groups such as labor unions, social clubs, and societies are types of formal reference groups to which individuals may belong (pg 500-501). A formal reference groups has a highly defined structure, specific roles and authority positions and specific goals.

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