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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ingroup bias?

This tendency to favor people who are part of specific groups to which we belong is a type of cognitive bias known as the ingroup bias. Simply put, it is the tendency to favor your own group. This might involve more transitory groups such as a softball team at work or more lasting associations such as your religion, nationality, or ethnicity.

What is outgroup bias?

The Outgroup Bias is the psychological tendency to have a dislike for other people that are outside of one's own identity group. For example, if you are a fan of a football team, you are likely to dislike a fan of a rival football team, even if you admire the person. What Is Ingroup Bias?

What is reference group in sociology?

A reference group is a collection of people that we use as a standard of comparison for ourselves regardless of whether we are part of that group. We rely on reference groups to understand social norms, which then shape our values, ideas, behavior, and appearance. This means that we also use them to evaluate the relative worth, desirability, or ...

How do reference groups shape our thoughts and behavior?

Gender norms are another clear example of how reference groups shape our thoughts and behavior. From a young age, boys and girls receive both explicit and implicit messages from those around them and from media that dictate norms of behavior and appearance.

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