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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reference check?

What is a reference check? A reference check involves a hiring manager or human resources (HR) representative contacting past employers of a potential candidate for employment by email or phone to discuss the candidate's work history.

Why reference check is important?

Why use Duff Recruitment to Reference Check your applicants?You avoid the frustration of playing phone tag with an applicant's referee.You save valuable time and money by out-sourcing this task to us.We are trained to indentify inconsistencies and have the experience to ask follow-up questions to uncover reservations a referee may have on your candidate's performance.More items...

How to respond to a request for a reference check?

A direct and simple subject line (]Your Name]-Reference Request)Your contact detailsThe recipients contact details

Are reference checks mandatory?

The mandatory reference checking regime is aimed at addressing the issue of “rolling bad apples”, individuals who engage in misconduct at one firm, then move on to another firm without disclosing their earlier misconduct to the new employer.

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