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Frequently Asked Questions

How are references used in the selection process?

Reference checks In the final stages of the selection process, you might want to get some references for your best candidates. This way, you’ll get feedback about their performance from people they’ve actually worked with in the past, such as former managers, former colleagues or business partners and clients.

How to handle the process of checking references for job candidates?

Here are three pieces of advice on handling the frequently difficult process of checking references for job candidates you’re considering hiring: Let the candidate know you check references. Be clear with candidates at the outset of the job interview process that your company will be checking their references.

What is the purpose of a reference check?

... Reference checks are an integral part of a successful recruiting and selection process by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to gain insight into a candidate's previous professional performance as well as assess their potential impact to the organization. At Texas A&M University we use Xref to obtain references.

What is the best way to check references?

Some companies still manually call each reference, which is an old, outdated, and expensive method for checking references. Digital reference checking tools like Checkster’s Reference Insights save companies time and money by automating the process.

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