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Frequently Asked Questions

What do landlords need to know about tenant referencing?

Tenant referencing is a landlord’s way of finding out information about a prospective tenant. A tenant reference involves a number of checks and verifications to help landlords decide whether a tenant is suitable for their property. Some landlords carry out these checks themselves, while others use a letting agent or professional tenant ...

What to ask when calling references?

“Ask them: What are your concerns? What would you like to follow up on? What do you wish you knew more about?” she says. What you learn should form the basis of your questions for the references....

What do employers ask when they call references?

what do employers ask when they call your references? 1. “How do you know this person?” Savvy reference checkers won’t take the candidate’s word for this; they’ll ask the... 2. “How long did you work together?” This is important because someone who managed you for four years is probably going... 3. ...

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