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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reclassification in ArcMap?

Reclassification is the process of reassigning one or more values in a raster dataset to new output values. The Reclassify tool is available in the Spatial Analyst extension in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

How do I reclassify a raster?

Otherwise, when you input the raster, a reclassification table will be created for it by first applying geoprocessing environment settings, such as Extent and Cell size, and scanning the raster.

Why is ArcMap not responding to my classification tool?

In some instances, the tool causes ArcMap to stop responding. The issue occurs when background geoprocessing is enabled. Run the Reclassify tool in the foreground by disabling background processing. To do this in ArcMap, follow the steps provided below: Go to the Geoprocessing menu.

How to reinitialize a reclassification?

If the reclassification is not suitable for the new raster, a new reclassification can be reinitialized by one of the following methods Remove all remap records using the erase option and manually add the new values. Select the unique or classification options to generate a new reclassification.

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