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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reclassify a field?

If the field to reclassify is a numerical field, two fields will be created, and this name will prefix the field names. If the field to reclassify is a text field, one new field will be created with this name. The updated table that contains the reclassified fields. The input table or feature class containing the field to be reclassified.

Is it possible to concatenate fields in ArcGIS Pro?

Is This Content Helpful? Search on Esri Community In ArcGIS Pro, it is possible to concatenate fields in a table, and display the field attributes in a new field using the Field Calculator. Concatenating fields may be necessary to merge or summarize two or more attributes into one field.

Why is the remap parameter empty in a reclassify tool?

If the input to the tool is derived data from a tool that isn't already run, the remap parameter in the Reclassify tool will be empty until the preceding tool is run and the model is validated. To avoid this, always run preceding tools before connecting their output variables as input to the Reclassify tool.

How do I create a number field in ArcGIS?

Select either a short or long integer data type for number fields. For more information on the field data types, refer to the following documentation: ArcGIS field data types. On the Fields tab, click Save. In the attribute table, right-click the new field name, and select Calculate Field.

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