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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reclassification in ArcMap?

Reclassification is the process of reassigning one or more values in a raster dataset to new output values. The Reclassify tool is available in the Spatial Analyst extension in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

What is an example of a range reclassification?

For example, if two ranges are specified, such as reclassifying values 1 to 5 as 100 and values 5 to 10 as 200, an input value less than or equal to 5 will be assigned the value 100 in the output, and an input value that is larger than 5, such as 5.01, will be assigned to 200.

What is the reclassification tool?

This tool accepts feature classes or table views as the input and modifies the input data. The tool supports the following eight reclassification methods: Defined interval —Each class will span the range of the Interval Size parameter value, starting with the minimum value in the field.

How to reclassify a raster?

The input raster to be reclassified. Field denoting the values that will be reclassified. The Remap object is used to specify how to reclassify values of the input raster. There are two ways to define how the values will be reclassified in the output raster: RemapRange and RemapValue.

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