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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RCN a good internet provider?

If RCN ’s service works well in your area, you’ll enjoy strong, reliable internet speeds, but if it doesn’t, you’re in for a non-stop headache. That’s true of just about any of the best internet providers, of course, but there seems to be very little middle ground with RCN.

Is RCN now Astound Broadband?

Looking for an RCN internet review? You're in the right place. RCN is now Astound Broadband, powered by RCN. You'll also see other brands, like Grande Communications and Wave Broadband, are becoming Astound Broadband too.

How fast is RCN Internet?

That’s an average, so it may be that most of RCN’s customers opt for lower-priced tiers which offer speeds up to 300Mbps. That said, Broadband Now also deems Center Valley, PA’s 561Mbps as the fastest city for RCN internet, which raises questions about anyone paying for Chicago’s 800Mbps and up tiers.

What is RCN's enhanced whole home WiFi?

Even in the backyard... | RCN Keeping Americans connected during Coronavirus » Affordable Connectivity Program » RCN’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi - powered by eero, is a simple-to-use system that blankets any size or shape home in fast, reliable WiFi.

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