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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of RBI?

The RBI controls the total supply of money and bank credit to subserve the country’s in­terest. The RBI controls credit to ensure price and exchange rate stability. To achieve this, the RBI uses all types of credit control instru­ments quantitative, qualitative, and selec­tive.

What are RBI's functions?

Traditionally, RBI's functions has been as follows: Regulate the issue of bank notes (& coins). Keeping Reservers. Ensuring Monetary Stability. Operating Currency & Credit System.

What does RBI stand for baseball?

RBI stands for "Run Batted In", and it comes when the rules, and the scorer, determine that the batter's actions in his at-bat resulted in a run scoring.

What are the main objectives of RBI?

Objectives of RBI Monetary Policy Exchange rate stability. For the purpose of exchange rate stability, RBI has not only resorted to exchange control but has helped the exporters to earn more foreign exchange. Price stability. ... Full employment. ... Assisting for rapid economic growth. ...

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