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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rankingcoach?

With tailor-made video tutorials, rankingCoach guides you step by step through the process of optimizing your website for Search Engines. No previous experience is needed to outrank your competitors and achieve better results today. It has never been easier for SMBs to get top rankings on Search Engines!

How does online marketing with rankingcoach work?

Online marketing with rankingCoach is amazingly simple. You will complete the basic tasks in a short amount of time. After that, your rankings will steadily improve as you constantly optimize your site. The analysis and monitoring tools will help you keep your site where it belongs: at the top!

How does rankingcoach plus work with Google AdWords?

With rankingCoach Plus, you can also start your own SEA (Search Engine Advertising) ad campaign with Google AdWords. rankingCoach Plus helps you design your ad - you get an instant preview of how it's going to look in Google.

How many nationalities are on the rankingcoach team?

The rankingCoach team represents 33 nationalities covering almost every continent on the planet (Antarctica is the only one missing). Our staff is bilingual, often multilingual, with diverse beliefs, traditions, and heritage. Diversity, inclusion, and equality have been a cornerstone of rankingCoach since the beginning.

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