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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ranking of Kings?

Ranking of Kings was a standout in the roster of 2021 by looking like a European fairy tale. It also began as a typical underdog story about a weak prince nobody takes seriously trying to win his right to the throne, before becoming more elaborate by including themes such as psychological issues and political intrigue.

Is ranking of Kings a fairy tale?

Ranking of Kings is a fairy tale with all the familiar elements including castle, prince, magic, serpents, evil stepmother and more. Yet nothing is quite as it seems. The characters are complex, interesting and grow. Few main characters have started out as disadvantaged as Bojji.

How strong is King Bosse?

Among the thousands of kings out there in this fantasy world, King Bosse ranks 7. Renowned for his strength, everyone expected his son to be as strong and big as him... though those expectations were not met. Our adorable (and incredibly cute) first prince Bojji is both mute and deaf, but he makes it up with his amazing ability to observe.

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