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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radiology and how does it work?

Radiology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the bodies of animals and humans.

Is radiology the future of Medicine?

Over the past century, radiology has provided methods for diagnosing a wide array of diseases, as well as a number of alternatives for treating medical conditions that are often less invasive than surgery. While we take for granted the multiple imaging modalities now available, some are only relatively recent additions to medicine.

What is a typical radiology team?

The first balloon-expandable stent (to treat coronary artery disease) was performed in 1985 and was followed by a multitude of other techniques over the last few decades. 1 The typical radiology team is made up of a radiologist and radiation technologists. A radiologist is a healthcare provider who specializes in the field of radiology.

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