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Frequently Asked Questions

How many radioactive symbol stock photos and illustrations are available?

61,153 radioactive symbol stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See radioactive symbol stock video clips

What does the radioactive sign mean?

The “Radioactive Sign” is a warning sign used to indicate the presence of radiation. The symbol consists of three concentric circles that are colored yellow, black, and white. The yellow circle represents the outermost limit of the radioactive area, while the black and white circles represent the inner and outer boundaries of the danger zone.

What does the radioactive emoji mean?

Radioactive emoji is one in the line of emojis that we decide to use in a wrong way as a reference to the popular song y Imagine Dragons, but hey, it’s still awesome to use this one as a reference to a song, as the real meaning does stand for something that is probably the most dangerous thing on the entire planet.

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