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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of radioactive elements?

Radioactive elements are unstable isotopes that release subatomic particles or energy as they decay. Alpha decay releases two protons and two neutrons. It's potentially dangerous but can be stopped by a thin barrier.

What are radioactive elements called?

What are the radioactive elements called? Technetium (TC)- Transition metal. Promethium (Pm)- Rare earth metal. Polonium (Po)- Metalliod. Astatine (At)- Halogen. Radon (Rn)- Noble gas. Francium (Fr)- Alkali Metal. Radium (Ra)- Alkali Earth Metal. Actinium (Ac)- Rare Earth metal.

How many elements are radioactive?

With that said, 38 elements can be considered radioactive if we take the meaning to be that their most commonly found isotope is radioactive. these elements either have no stable isotopes, ridiculously long half-lives, or else are entirely artificial (all artificial elements have no stable isotopes).

What is the most common radioactive element?

What is the most common radioactive element? Polonium. Because it is a naturally-occurring element that releases a huge amount of energy, many sources cite polonium as the most radioactive element. Polonium is so radioactive it glows blue, which is caused by excitation of the gas particles by radiation.

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