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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for radioactive?

radiologic. emitting radiation. radiating. relucent. floodlit. irradiance. irradiant. irradiation. charged.

What is the meaning of radioactive substance?

Radioactive substances are atoms that decay naturally. They can give off alpha particles, beta particles and gamma radiation. Unlike X-ray sources they cannot be turned off, so their control is more difficult.

What is the definition of radioactivity?

Radioactivity is the spontaneous release of energy from an unstable atom to get to a more stable state. Ionizing Radiation is the energy that comes out of a radioactive atom.

What is another word for radiate?

The synonyms of “Radiate” are: diversify, ray, beam, glow, shine, emit, give off, give out, send forth, send out, discharge, scatter, diffuse, be diffused, emanate, display, show, exhibit, demonstrate, spread out, fan, fan out, ray out, branch, branch off, branch out, diverge, extend, separate, split off, issue, radial, stellate

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