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Frequently Asked Questions

What does radioactive mean in science?

When isotopes decay they can lose some of their atomic particles (i.e. electrons and protons) and turn from one element into another. Sometimes isotopes decay from one unstable isotope into another unstable isotope. This can happen continuously in a long radioactive chain. An example of a radioactive chain is uranium-238. As it decays, it transforms through a number of elements including thorium, radium, francium, radon, polonium, and bismuth.

What does it mean to be radioactive?

Radioactive materials give off a form of energy that travels in waves or particles. This energy is called radiation. When a person is exposed to radiation, the energy penetrates the body. For example, when a person has an x-ray, he or she is exposed to radiation. How Your Home Could Become Contaminated

Is radioactivity a natural process?

Radioactivity was a natural process, existing in the universe since time immemorial. Thus, it was a chance discovery by Henry Becquerel in 1896 that the world came to know about it. Furthermore, the scientist Marie Curie explained this concept in 1898 and earned a Nobel Prize for her work.

What are the uses of radioactive material?

Uses of RadiationMedical Uses. Hospitals, doctors, and dentists use a variety of nuclear materials and procedures to diagnose, monitor, and treat a wide assortment of metabolic processes and medical conditions in humans.Academic and Scientific Applications. ...Industrial Uses. ...Nuclear Power Plants. ...

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