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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean for something to be radioactive?

Radioactivity is a physical, not a biological, phenomenon. Simply stated, the radioactivity of a sample can be measured by counting how many atoms are spontaneously decaying each second. This can be done with instruments designed to detect the particular type of radiation emitted with each "decay" or disintegration.

What does the term radioactive means?

The word "radioactive" is an adjective that refers to something as being, causing or exhibiting radioactivity. In an informal sense it refers to something as being extremely controversial or sensitive. Radioactivity which the word radioactive refers to means a spontaneous type of emission of radiation.

What is radioactivity simple definition?

The Ionized AtomRadioactive atoms have unstable blends of protons and neutrons.Radioactivity is the spontaneous release of energy from an unstable atom to get to a more stable state.Ionizing Radiation is the energy that comes out of a radioactive atom.Radioactive isotopes are radioactive atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons.

What are the types of radioactivity?

Types of Radioactivity. Radioactive isotopes of elements can emit 3 three types of radiations known as alpha rays, beta rays, and gamma rays. Alpha rays – Alpha rays are positive charged particles that are composed of two protons and two neutrons (also called nuclei of helium).

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