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What are some examples of radioactive decay?

Examples of Radioactive Decay. There are a number of applications where we use the concept of radioactive decay in real life, some of them are listed below: 1. Smoke Detectors. One of the prominent applications of alpha decay can be observed in the smoke detectors installed in buildings.

Which statement describes radioactive decay?

Which statement describes what is gained or lost during radioactive decay? Atoms gain other atoms. Elements take in energy. Atoms lose smaller particles. Elements gain smaller particles. Weegy: Atoms gain other atoms. - describes what is gained or lost during radioactive decay. (More) Question|Asked by Vale22 Expert Answered

What does radioactive mean in science?

When isotopes decay they can lose some of their atomic particles (i.e. electrons and protons) and turn from one element into another. Sometimes isotopes decay from one unstable isotope into another unstable isotope. This can happen continuously in a long radioactive chain. An example of a radioactive chain is uranium-238. As it decays, it transforms through a number of elements including thorium, radium, francium, radon, polonium, and bismuth.

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