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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Vintage Radio Flyer wagon?

Vintage Radio Flyer wagons are easy to find at antique shops both on and offline. Other places to search for antique or vintage Radio Flyers include eBay, flea markets, and garage sales. Are Vintage Radio Flyer Wagons Valuable?

Why Radio Flyer?

Antonio Pasin's wagons captured the spirit of the times. The first steel wagon was named Radio Flyer, by combining his fascination with the invention of the radio – by fellow Italian, Guglielmo Marconi – and his wonderment of flight.

What kind of car is a Radio Flyer town and country?

First introduced in the 1960’s, the Radio Flyer Town & Country is a rugged, traditional wood wagon that has a “down-on-the-farm” feel that kids love. Its features put safety right up front, including smooth streamlined corners, a controlled turning radius that guards against tipping, and a quiet ride.

What did Radio Flyer do for baby walkers?

While Neil Armstrong took one small step for man, Radio Flyer introduced a new wagon designed to help small children take their first steps. The Baby Walker provided storage, exercise, and unlimited types of play, for some of the smallest customers. The Radio Line also produced their own jet: the Rex Jet, complete with ‘cloud white’ wheels.

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