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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an antique Radio Flyer wagon?

For many people, an antique Radio Flyer wagon brings back fond memories of their childhood. A true piece of classic Americana, the wagons hold a special ... ALL TOPICS

What was the first radio wagon?

The Radio Flyer Wagon. Changing the company's name to Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1930, Pasin also introduced his first steel wagon, called the Radio Flyer. The now classic toy was named for Pasin's love and fascination of the radio and air flight.

Who made the first Radio Flyer?

Nearing close to 1930, he had refitted his factory to achieve metal stamping, and his company known as Liberty Coaster began producing stamped steel wagons. In 1930, Antonio changed the name of his company to Radio Steel and Manufacturing. It was then that he crafted and introduced his first Radio Flyer. You can view a video on YouTube!

What's new at Radio Flyer?

Radio Flyer finalized the renovation in 2017 with a beautifully design office space that promotes collaboration and wellness. New open workspaces are equipped with sit-to-stand desks, there is maximum access to natural light, and a gallery display connects today’s new products with the company’s 100 years of history.

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