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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Blaze the interactive spring horse?

Blaze: Interactive Spring Riding Horse Ages: 2-6 years Body Dimensions: 36" L x 41" W x 21" H Weight: 29.75 lbs. Weight Capacity: 60 lbs. Carton Dimensions: 21.25" L x 12.00" W x 23.75" H 2 more rows ...

How long has Radio Flyer been in business?

For over 100 years, countless voyages of childhood fantasy have been launched with Radio Flyer toys. This legacy continues to spark the imagination as Radio Flyer is rediscovered with each generation. Meet Blaze, the next best thing to a real horse!

How do I contact Radio Flyer customer service?

Please call Customer Service at 800-621-7613 or email [email protected] We were super excited to give this to my daughter for Christmas and when she saw the carrot ran to feed the horse but it wouldn't I don't know if the one we got just doesn't make that sound or what but then why put the carrot in the box at all.

Should a Radio Flyer ride-on rider be seated or standing?

Riders should always be seated. Radio Flyer is a family-owned company & the leading producer of ride-on toys, creating icons of childhood for over 100 years. Radio Flyer started creating smiles and warm memories for children of all ages in 1917.

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