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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Radio Flyer's electric bikes as fun as their wagons?

Flyer M880 review: Radio Flyer's electric bikes are as fun as their wagons! I tested Radio Flyer’s first electric bike, and it’s even more fun than their red wagons! Remember the good old days of your childhood, yanking your siblings around in a little red wagon or racing it down the hill like a rocket ship?

Is Flyer a good entry into the e-bike market?

It’s a good, not great, entry into the e-bike market for Flyer. Dan Cavallari is the former technical editor for VeloNews Magazine, who currently reviews electric bikes, bike lights, and other bike accessories for Tom's Guide.

Is the flyer l885 a good bike?

The Flyer L885 is a capable, surprisingly lithe bike that allows car replacement trips at an affordable price, but there are a lot of drawbacks — most notably the bike’s weight. As the shift in transportation continues away from cars, particularly in urban centers, we can expect to see more familiar names painted on e-bike down tubes.

What is the best utility ebike?

“The Best Utility eBike” Read the article “Beautifully executed, thoroughly conceived, and brilliantly clever e-bikes.” Read the article “The L885 is a top choice eBike the whole family can enjoy” Watch the review “Radio Flyer spent a lot of time thinking about how this e-bike can replace car trips — they nailed it.”

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