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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quicken Loans offer competitive mortgage rates?

Yes…but not really. “Competitive” is a flexible word. Quicken loans does offer competitive rates but more often than not, most lenders can offer better or equal terms and you would have a local expert to work with.

How much does Quicken Loans Inc. pay?

Quicken Loans employees earn $69,707 annually on average in Detroit, MI area. Explore how much salaries does Quicken Loans pay in Detroit area. Exlore Quicken Loans salaries by top job title and job location.

How big can Quicken Loans get?

“Quicken Loans now offerings $325 billion of loan volume, and almost 8 million humans stay in houses that have a loan with Quicken Loans,” Farner said. “This speedy-growing and top-5 servicing portfolio now not most effective throw off huge income, but its value is counter-cyclical to growing interest prices.

Are Quicken Loans legitimate?

Its connection to Quicken Loans is strong evidence that it is a legitimate company, earning its license NMLS ID# 1617539. To gauge the reputation of this Detroit headquartered company, consider consumer sentiment regarding its parent company, Quicken Loans, who earned the number 1 in customer satisfaction from JD Power and Co.

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