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Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical reference check questions?

Typical reference check questions interviewers will ask will vary around the following themes: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Would you re-hire this person? What was your personality or character like in the workplace? How did you get along with other people? Were there any discipline problems with you?

What are good questions to ask a reference?

There are basically three kinds of reference questions or research needs:Single FactBackgroundIn Depth (research papers)

What can you say during a reference check?

What Can a Former Employer Legally Tell in a Reference?Facts. You can legally state facts in response to a reference request. ...Refusal of Information. A former employer can legally refuse to give information concerning an employee other than his official title and the dates he was employed.Work Performance

How to respond to a request for a reference check?

A direct and simple subject line (]Your Name]-Reference Request)Your contact detailsThe recipients contact details

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