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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of RK?

RK has gone through many evolutions and diversifications since its incorporation in Colorado in 1985. With roots tracing back to 1963, RK is proud of its family business history and traditions and its continued focus on leading its industries of choice.

Why buy from RK?

Why Buy From RK? RK Motors was built on a vision to share our passion for cars, make buying or selling your dream car as simple and satisfying as possible, and make the hobby more enjoyable and accessible. At the core of our operation is a dedicated group of serious car enthusiasts who strive to achieve our corporate vision.

What does RK stand for?

Acronym Definition RK Rurouni Kenshin (anime) RK Runge-Kutta (methods; higher mathematics ... RK Republic of Kazakhstan RK Roadkill 29 more rows ...

Who is RK mechanical?

Expertise and solutions to exceed your expectations. 1985 – RK Mechanical, Inc. was incorporated in Norfolk, Nebraska with Ron and Rick Kinning as founding partners. Ron Kinning was CEO and Chairman, and Rick Kinning was President of this new company.

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